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Snagged from [ profile] mmouse15 and [ profile] kookaburra1701.


    • Think of up to 20 'ships you support.
    • List them using descriptions of the characters involved rather than their names.
    • Have your f-list guess as many of the 'ships as they can.

    This was hard! I don't ship that many pairings, so I had to dig deep to come up with 20. Some of them are extremely obscure. The majority are TF pairings, but the rest are all over the damn place. I did my best not to go with the most obvious descriptions just to make it a challenge. Here we go...

    EDIT: Updated with answers to the ones that have been guessed, with credit to the one that got it first. Still a few blanks left...

    1. The arrogant flyboy and the immature prankster. G1 TC/'Warp, [ profile] spacehussy
    2. The bad cop and the bug. (This one's too easy.) Movieverse! 'Cade/Bee, [ profile] spacehussy
    3. The baseball boy and the spoiled brat. Kyo Kara Maou! Yuri/Wolfram, [ profile] zomgitsalaura
    4. The bishy vamp who's light on his feet and the red-headed S.O.B. who puts him on ice. ($10 says no one will get this one.)
    5. The Earl who gets stabbed in the back by his brother and the gal who just can't seem to kick the habit. (This one either.)
    6. The gal who can kick your ass without smearing her eyeliner and the guy who thinks she's GLORIOUS. TFA Strika/Lugnut, [ profile] fierceawakening
    7. The genius gal and the flashy guy whose endeavors tend to blow up in his face. G1 Carly/Wheeljack, [ profile] zomgitsalaura
    8. The guy who likes it hot and the guy who has trouble keeping his cool. G1 Inferno/Red Alert, [ profile] zomgitsalaura
    9. The guy who smells like a monkey and the guy who's got blood on his breath. Beast Wars Optimus Primal/Dinobot, [ profile] vejiraziel
    10. The guy who wants to conquer the universe and the guy who'd love to conquer him. G1 Megatron/Starscream, [ profile] zomgitsalaura
    11. The guy with his nose in the air and the one who's got his nose to the ground. G1 Mirage/Hound, [ profile] zomgitsalaura
    12. The heterochromic guy(?) you really shouldn't buy a puppy from and the cop who wants to bust him. Pet Shop of Horrors Count D/Leon Orcot, [ profile] vejiraziel
    13. The loud-mouthed brute and the guy who loves surprises.
    14. The mysteriously multi-talented tailor and the doctor with an unfair advantage. Star Trek: TNG Garak/Bashir, [ profile] aaaaaah
    15. The one-armed guy with a fluffy appendage and the gal who's like the wind. Inuyasha Sesshoumaru/Kagura, [ profile] decepticon41
    16. The preening ponce and the petulant punk. G1 Tracks/Raoul, [ profile] spacehussy
    17. The scientist and the former scientist. G1 Skyfire/Starscream, [ profile] vejiraziel
    18. The shy guy and the depressed narcissist. G1 Breakdown/Dead End, [ profile] mdperera
    19. The smooth talker and the limb relocation specialist. TFA Swindle/Lockdown, [ profile] aaaaaah
    20. The wizard with a knack for getting into trouble and the petite gal who always helps him get out of it. Dresden Files Harry Dresden/Karrin Murphy, [ profile] blackaerin

    Have fun guessing!

    The ones that no one guessed:
    #4: Castlevania: Lament of Innocence, Joachim Armster/Walter Bernhard. Joachim was made a vampire by Walter but then rebelled, causing Walter to imprison him behind a frozen waterfall beneath the castle.
    #5: Trinity Blood, Ion Fortuna/Esther Blanchett. Ion is a vampire whose foster brother betrays him. Esther is a nun.
    #13: G1 Blitzwing/Astrotrain. Blitzwing's tech spec calls him a loudmouth and Astrotrain's mentions he loves surprising his enemies with his third alt mode. (Actually they both do.) I may have made the description too broad on this one, but I sorta blame the fact that so few people write fic about them, too.

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