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Story: Crash Course
Verse: G1
Author: Jointly written by [personal profile] anon_decepticon & [ profile] mdperera, with input from [ profile] kookaburra1701.
Rating: PG-13 mostly, with some chapters inching toward M.
Pairings: Pretty much every Stunticon pairing you can think of, plus a couple of OCs to keep things interesting. Hints of Hound/Mirage and Inferno/Red Alert in later chapters if you squint.
Warnings: Humanized TFs, sexual content (both het and slash), violence (robbery, assault, murder), references to and depictions of verbal, physical, sexual and emotional abuse (aka MM being MM).
Story Summary: An accident turns the Stunticons into humans, leaving them alone, naked and without resources in the California desert. Their only hope of getting their old bodies back is to take a crash course in humanity, but the stakes are much higher than pass or fail.
(Co)Author's Note: This Stunticon-centric humanization fic written by myself and [ profile] mdperera was technically completed two weeks ago, but since I posted some of the early chapters here on my journal, I decided to do a final update so it doesn't look like an abandoned WiP.

Chapter 1: Start Your Engines
Chapter 2: Where the Rubber Meets the Road
Chapter 3: Playing in Traffic
Chapter 4: Asleep at the Wheel
Chapter 5: Driven to Distraction
Chapter 6: Highway Robbery
Chapter 7: Please Drive Safely
Chapter 8: Sticker Shock
Chapter 9: Full Throttle
Chapter 10: Keep on Truckin'
Chapter 11: Rat Race
Chapter 12: Pounding the Pavement
Chapter 13: Off the Beaten Track
Chapter 14: Off to the Races
Chapter 15: Crashing the Party
Chapter 16: Shifting Gears
Chapter 17: Driving a Hard Bargain
Chapter 18: Checkered Flag
Chapter 19: Hitting a Speed Bump
Chapter 20: Interlude I
Chapter 21: Pit Stop
Chapter 22: Soft Shoulder
Chapter 23: Garage Fever
Chapter 24: Hit and Run
Chapter 25: Braking and Entering
Chapter 26: Hazard Lights
Chapter 27: Vehicular Homicide
Chapter 28: Information Superhighway
Chapter 29: Road Warriors
Chapter 30: Brace for Impact
Chapter 31: Suspension of Disbelief
Chapter 32: Tire Straits
Chapter 33: Breaker One-Nine
Chapter 34: Interlude II
Chapter 35: Alternate Route
Chapter 36: Changing Lanes
Chapter 37: Collision
Chapter 38: Five-Car Pileup
Chapter 39: Objects in the Mirror
Chapter 40: End of the Road
Chapter 41: Interlude III
Chapter 42: Impound Lot
Chapter 43: Grand Theft Autobot
Chapter 44: Crossing the Finish Line
Chapter 45: Epilogue


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