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Title: Strictly Business (1/4)
Author: [ profile] anon_decepticon
Rating: M
Pairing or Character(s): Lockdown/Swindle
Disclaimer: I don’t own Transformers.
Warning(s): Sticky, non-con, masturbation, dark humor, Lockdown being a creeper.
Summary: It’s hard to get laid when you look like robot Frankenstein.
Author's Note: TFA. Part one in a series of four, Lockdown’s PoV. Takes place shortly after “Decepticon Air,” and contains references to both that episode and to “Five Servos of Doom.” I know, I should be writing the final chapter of “After Atlantis,” but the Swindle!bunnies were biting really hard! Inspiration credit goes to [ profile] kookaburra1701 for her idea to make a Swindle fanmix (listening to mine right now!) and to [ profile] swindleslog, author of the awesomely terrifying And Still He Watches Me” over on the kink meme – I totally blame you guys for this one. Shameless bunny-feeders! Thanks also to [ profile] dream_it_all for doing a last minute beta read, and to my mysterious anon stalkerv-gifter. Thanks for reading!
**EDIT: This fic has recently inspired fanart by the very talented [ profile] aaaaaah, who has kindly given me permission to link it here. I must say, she nailed it! Squee along with me now, won't you?

They shake your hand, and they smile and they buy you a drink... )

A/N: I apologize if the black humor in this fic offends anyone. It’s not my intent to make light of a serious topic, but rather to use humor to make a serious topic more accessible. This is only part one of what I anticipate will be a fairly angsty four-part series, and while an element of humor will be retained throughout, the overall story will be a pretty poignant one.


Sep. 12th, 2009 12:53 pm
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Title: TMI
Series: TF:Animated
Author: [ profile] anon_decepticon
Rating: PG-13
Pairing or Character(s): Strika x Lugnut, Megatron, Blitzwing
Disclaimer: I don't own Transformers.
Warning(s): Implied sex, inappropriate humor, possible emotional scarring.
Summary: Some things are best left to the imagination. Others are really, really not.
Author's Note: This little one-shot arose as a result of sleep deprivation and a highly amusing IM conversation with [ profile] kookaburra1701. I take no responsibility for the psychological damage it may inflict.

Pass the brain bleach, please! )


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